ZIKRADirected by Fatma Rasha Shehadeh and starring the gorgeous Joy Karam, “Zikra” traces the strikes led by Lebanese teachers in 1973 to plead for their rights.

Shehadeh’s aunt, who participated actively in the teachers’ movement, served as the primary inspiration for her film. “My aunt Amira, who also happens to be the main character of my film, is an idol to me and many others, she is a strong woman who managed to overcome a number of challenges in the most efficient way because of her strong leadership skills,” she explained. “This is why I have decided to shed light on her life as an activist while adding my own reflection to the story.”

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filmmaker tripoli viral videoIn a tribute to the northern capital of Lebanon, over 50 people from various parts of Tripoli use their eyes to smile for the lens of award-winning director Fatma Racha Shehadeh, and it’s beautiful.

The video gained over 100K views in just a matter of days.

Born in Los Angeles, California to both a Palestinian and a Lebanese, Fatma became attracted to the filming world from birth without even knowing it.

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